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Car Essentials: 10 Items to Keep in Your Car & Why

Car Essentials: 10 Items to Keep in Your Car & Why

We spend a large portion of our lives in our vehicles, sometimes in the driver’s seat and sometimes resting in the passenger seat.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been driving for or where you drive, it is important to be aware of the important things to keep in your vehicle so that you never get into trouble.

We have prepared our Top 10 list of items to keep in your car and why. Now you should note that all items might not apply to the every driver, so use your best judgment and decide for yourself.



1. Driver’s License, Registration, and Insurance

This is the probably the most important thing to keep in your vehicle as it is illegal to drive without a license, valid insurance, or registration in Jamaica. You might have to pay heavy fines or have points deducted from your license if you are caught behind the wheel without any of these documents.

2. Owner’s Manual

Your car’s owner’s manual is very important as it will give you so much useful information about your vehicle, such as recommended fuel, PSI levels, and even maintenance tips.

Almost all cars come with an owner’s manual. Consider keeping it in your glove compartment so that you can easily get your hands on it when needed.

3. Repair Documents

While it isn’t absolutely necessary, it might be a good idea to keep repair documents in your vehicle. They can turn out to be useful when selling or repairing cars.

Repair documents contain vehicle history and expenses that might be helpful in the future.

Emergency Kits

4. Jumper Cables and Battery Booster

Always keep jumper cables and a battery booster in your car so you can bring a dead battery back to life in no time. Depending on your location, Roadside assistance could take some time to get to you. Jumper cables are cheap, easy to use, and quite reliable so make sure to keep these in your trunk and learn how to jumpstart your car.

5. Spare Tire, Lug Wrench, and Tire Jack

A flat tire can be a driver’s worst nightmare. To ensure you can get going with no problem, make sure to keep these three things in your vehicle. You might need a special lug nut key if traditional keys don’t fit your vehicle.

Also, consider learning how to change a flat tire so you can make good use of these tools. Check out this video for a quick lesson –

6. Tyre Pressure Gauge

It can be hard to predict if your tire needs more air without having a tire pressure gauge. It can be risky to drive a car if the tires are not properly inflated. Taking care of tire pressure ensures proper handling and also adds to the lifespan of your tires while improving fuel economy.

7. WD-40

This will take care of tight bolts and nuts. Whether it’s a noisy door or a damaged number plate, WD-40 will make the job easier for you.

8. Duct Tape

Duct tape can come in handy during emergency situations. It can be used to cover cracks, breaks, and leaks. Don’t look at it as a permanent option, but duct tape can be great as a temporary solution.


9. First Aid Kit

The average driver gets into four accidents over the course of a lifetime. While some of these can be major, some only require minimal care that a first aid kid can take care of.

Make sure to keep Band-Aids, gauze pads, ointment, gloves, and scissors in your kit.

10. Flashlight

You’ll need one if you ever need to change a tire or jumpstart your vehicle at night. A flashlight is also important for safety and to ensure you don’t fall when you look around for things at night, so make sure to keep one in your car with a set of batteries.

Honourable Mentions

In addition to the above, consider keeping food (non-perishable snacks), blankets, tissue, extra clothes, and a piece of cloth in your car for emergency situations. Also, a spare bottle of Windshield Wiper Fluid wouldn’t hurt, as you never know when you might run out.

We hope this guide will help you decide what to keep in your vehicle – just follow the tips above and you will have nothing to worry about.

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