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Board Committees

The Insurance Act and the JSE Rules require the Board of IronRock to establish certain committees and outline their required composition as well as their responsibilities and obligations.

In general, it is good practice to establish Board committees, as they can assist the Board in addressing specific tasks for which it is responsible, but for which it may not necessarily have the time to address in detail, all together, at each meeting.  By delegating tasks to committees that meet at different times, the Board can spend their time more efficiently. Additionally, committees can provide an extra layer of protection against potential conflicts of interest, by providing more responsibility and autonomy to independent directors.

Board committees meet according to their task, and as specified in their chater. Their composition may be regulated by statute or by the exchange on which the company is listed. We invite you to learn more about IronRock’s Board Committees by exploring this section. Note that you may also read brief biographies on each of our directors by clicking on their name or picture.

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