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Renter’s Policy

Insured Perils

Our Renter’s Policy provides financial protection against disasters for the things you keep in your Home. We cover you for loss or damage to your contents resulting from Fire, Lightning, Natural Disasters, Burst or Overflowing Pipes/Appliances, Riot and Strike, Malicious Damage and Theft. Read our full policy wording here.

Third Party Liability Coverage

Occupier's Liability


Accidents occurring in or about the home (if your home is occupied by you)

Personal Liability


Liability incurred in a personal capacity within Jamaica (if your home is occupied by you)

Liability to Domestic Employees


Bodily injury to domestic employees (if your home is occupied by you)

Added Benefits

Accidental DamageUp to Item Sum Insured

 Mirrors (other than hand mirrors), glass tops to furniture and fixed glass in furniture

Alternative Accommodation10% of Sum Insured

 If your home is rendered uninhabitable by an Insured Peril

Freezer and/or Refrigerator Contents$15,000

 Caused by mechanical/electrical fault or external damage

Loss of Money$20,000

 See policy for relevant definitions, exclusions and conditions

Accidental Death$100,000

 Death of the Policyholder or their spouse as a result of fire or theft

Theft Up to Item Sum Insured

 Excess applies - see policy for details and exclusions

Contents Temporarily Removed20% of Sum Insured

 If damaged by an Insured Peril