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Is a Solar System Right for Your Home

Is a Solar System Right for Your Home

Solar energy is a popular form of alternative energy worldwide, and Jamaica is a prime place for home solar systems to be installed. Given the modernized solar energy systems installed in the government’s offices, you may be wondering if you should also invest in a solar system for your home.

Solar energy sounds like a great idea, especially here in Jamaica, with our abundance of sunny days to power the system. But is the investment worth it for your private home?

Read on to learn more about solar systems for your home, and then contact the experts at IronRock Insurance Company to learn more.


Is a Solar Energy System for Your Home Worth the Investment?

There are several benefits to installing a solar energy system in your home:

  • Cost-Savings – Installing a solar energy system at home means using natural resources to power your home instead of relying on the power company’s energy. This free renewable energy source refreshes every time the sun shines, which means you can use less money to cool your home and run your electronics and appliances.
  • Easy Maintenance – Solar systems are generally easy to maintain with a few cleanings per year, and the system is inexpensive to maintain. This makes it easier to invest initially, knowing that your continued investment year-to-year will be low, while the return is likely to be high.
  • Going Green – Supporting alternative energy solutions means helping to fight climate change and traditional fuel shortages. This is good for you and our planet. Reducing our reliance on coal and other traditional energy sources will ultimately help Jamaica on its way to becoming a more independent nation. Since the Jamaican government plans to produce more than 50% of the country’s electricity from renewable sources by 2030, taking steps now means doing your part to help meet this green goal.



What is the Best way to get Started With Solar?

Getting started with using renewable energy sources like solar power does not have to be difficult. You can get started easily and begin to see the immediate benefits of alternative energy.

However, solar systems can have a high initial investment cost. You will need to purchase the panels, batteries and wiring to connect the system, and pay for installation. These costs can add up, so you may want to do a cost-benefit analysis to understand how long it will take to recoup your initial investment.

The government is always looking for ways to better manage the climate risks we face, and new programs may be introduced to incentivize homeowners to install solar systems at home – so do some research beforehand.

There are many solar system installation companies that can help if you decide solar is the way to go. They can provide estimates and help you understand your solar needs and the expected benefit you will see from your investment.


Other Considerations

Remember that installing a solar energy system at home is something your homeowner insurance carrier needs to know about – they will need to consider the system in your insurance rates, so it is essential to talk with your representative to learn how installing a solar system at home will affect your insurance premiums. Rates have increased in recent years due to climate volatility in the region, so be sure to ask about any additional increases from a solar system.


How do I Learn More?

Now that you know more about solar systems for your home, you can contact the experts at IronRock Insurance Company for more information. Our licensed professionals will be happy to answer any questions you have.


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