IronRock's NEW PAYD Programme Where Safe Driving Pays!

With our Pay As You Drive Device, powered by Guardsman Group, you actually get a PREMIUM REFUND for good driving behaviour.

What is PAYD?

PAYD is a new type of motor insurance policy based on telematics insurance and we are the first insurance company in Jamaica to provide clients with the opportunity to benefit directly from their good driving behaviour.

That means you end up paying for your insurance based on how you drive & how much you drive, instead of traditional factors. Plus, you’ll get an automatic refund just for participating, along with all the great security benefits of Guardsman’s tracking device and the accompanying mobile app:

Real-Time Driving Feedback & Alerts

Live Tracking of your vehicle

Detailed log of all your trips

Remote Vehicle Immobilization for Security

Intelligent Insights about your driving patterns


Once the device is installed, we monitor your driving patterns and provide you with a monthly driving score so you can monitor as well. The better you drive, the more you get PAYD!

Get PAYD with IronRock

How It Works


We install the Guardsman Vehicle Tracker (at our cost)

Guardsman will come to you & the installation only takes about an hour. Once the device is installed, you can download the Guardsman App and connect to your vehicle to utilize all the great, free features.


We monitor the following key driving habits

Total Driving Distance

Increase your savings by driving less

Sudden Accelerating

Go easy on the gas and go easy on your pocket

Harsh Braking

Avoid slamming your brakes

Late Night Driving

Limit trips between 12am & 4am, as the roads can be more dangerous then and accidents more likely

Excessive Speeding

Nothing wrong with the occasional overtake, but be mindful of the total time spent above the speed limit


We produce a driving report and a Driver’s Score based on the measures above and you get refunded based on your cumulative score at the end of the year

95% and over= a 25% refund

80% - 94%= a 10% Refund

< 80%= No Discount

Get PAYD with IronRock

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