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How To Use a Four-Way Stop

Driving in Jamaica is fun and scenic, but we have many intersections controlled by four-way stop signs. Do you know the rules of the road when approaching a four-way stop? Which vehicle has the right of way, and which should yield when arriving at the same time?

Getting it right is a matter of obeying the law and avoiding car accidents. Stay safe on the road by knowing how to navigate four-way stops and following the law. Accidents are common on Jamaican roads, so it is important for all drivers to educate themselves on how to drive safely – including how to manage four-way stops at intersections.

Learn more about how to safely navigate four-way stops in this step-by-step guide, then call us at IronRock Insurance Company for more safe driving tips.

How to Use a Four-Way Stop in Jamaica

Four-way stops can be confusing, but if you follow the steps below to navigate these intersections, you can stay safe.

  1. Approach a four-way stop with caution – Drive cautiously as you approach four-way stops. Intersections can be busy with other cars or pedestrians. Avoiding a crash is good for both your health and car insurance payment.
  1. Stop signs mean you must fully stop – When it is your turn at the intersection, stop completely. You cannot roll through the intersection without coming to a stop first. The Jamaica Road Traffic Act states the driver of a vehicle, and the rider of a bicycle must obey all red lights and stop signs.
  1. Once you stop, look in all directions – Watch for oncoming traffic from all directions. Take extra care to look for pedestrians and bicyclists – they have a right to use the intersection, too. Do not assume approaching cars will stop. Instead, watch to make sure other vehicles stop before you proceed.
  1. When it is your turn, carefully pass through the intersection – If you reach the intersection along with another vehicle, the car that reaches first should pass through first.
  1. Accelerate away from the intersection safely – Once you have passed the intersection, accelerate carefully to reach a safe speed. Watch for turning vehicles and other traffic obstructions.

Key Things to Watch Out For

There are some key things to watch out for when managing four-way stops, such as the following:

  • Watch for other drivers around you – Even if you have the right of way, another driver may not know – or respect – your right to pass first. You should pay attention to other cars to see if they are yielding to you. Other drivers may try to beat you through the intersection and drive aggressively to arrive first. Let them pass – it is not worth risking an accident.

  • Do not tailgate other drivers through four-way stops – Tailgating is a bad idea anyway, but when approaching a four-way stop, you must give time for the vehicles in front of you to come to a full stop. Do not assume they will roll through the intersection. You would be responsible for an accident if you rear-end the car in front of you when they stop at a stop sign.

  • Do not block the intersection – Plan ahead when driving. If you cannot clear the intersection because of traffic conditions ahead, then you should wait to proceed. It is inconsiderate to others, and blocking intersections is dangerous. Anticipate traffic conditions and wait for your turn.

How Do I Learn More?

Now that you know more about navigating four-way stops and driving safely, you can contact the experts at IronRock Insurance Company for information on how to get the best insurance coverage for your car.


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