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Cargo Insurance Policy

4. Making a Claim

Cargo Insurance Claims

On Receipt of Goods

1.  Always inspect cargo thoroughly on arrival. Check for any loss, damage, or conspicuous tampering (such as retaping of boxes). This is to prove the loss or damage must have occurred during transit.

2.  If your cargo arrives in a container, inspect the external surfaces of the container for damage or leakage.

3.  Do not give a clean receipt to the delivering carrier if the goods are damaged or short. If you cannot immediately inspect the cargo, mark any documentation with “Received in Apparent Good Order and Condition”.

4.  Never accept the explanation that the cargo was received by the carrier in a damaged condition or short.

5.  Always unpack or open packaging to inspect the goods as soon as possible for hidden damage. If you suspect any loss or damage, keep the packaging for inspection.

If there is Loss or Damage

1.  Act swiftly. If you suspect any loss/damage, take pictures and notify your IronRock representative immediately.

2.  Tell all parties involved that you have a potential claim – including any shipping companies, freight forwarders or carriers who have been involved in transporting your goods, as well as IronRock.

3.  You remain the cargo owner at all times, so take all steps you can to minimise any further damage or loss.

4.  Send IronRock all required documentation – a list of what you might need is below. For a marine cargo claim to be paid, we need both evidence of the physical damage to the cargo, and complete documentation.

5.  Once we’ve received all required documentation and evidence, the loss can be established by the surveyor. They’ll report in full to us, or to our overseas claims agent, and move towards settling your claim.

Cargo Claims Document Checklist

Unless directed otherwise, ensure that all documents are are attached to the claim form submitted to your IronRock representative:

     Original Bill of Lading, Consignment Freight Notes, Air Waybill
    Supplier’s invoice for full shipment
    Original or copy of shipping invoices, together with shipping specification and/or weight notes
     Packing lists, if applicable
    Copy of delivery receipt, EWP and Tally Notes
     Copy of the initial notice of claim on carriers
     Copy of all correspondence with carriers and other parties regarding their liability for loss or damage
    All container temperature charts (if applicable)
     Itemised valued claim
     Photos of damaged property

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