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Private Car Comprehensive Policy

3. Making a Claim

Steps to Making a Claim

1. If you have the IronRock IRIe Mobile Application, be sure to use the Accident Checklist at the scene of the accident to make sure you record all important information and evidence, such as:

a. Photographs of the accident scene and the extent of the damage to both vehicles;

b. The registration number(s) of any other vehicle(s) involved;

c. The insurance info of any other vehicle(s) involved;

d. Name(s) and contact number(s) of any other driver(s) involved and the owner(s) of the vehicle(s);

e. Date, time and location of accident;

f. Name(s) and contact number(s) of witness(es), if any;

g. The number of passengers in the other vehicle(s), if any, and their names;

h. Any injuries caused to person(s) involved in the accident, as it relates to any:

i. pedestrians;

ii. passengers in your vehicle; and

iii. passengers in the other vehicle(s).

2. Remember your policy includes 24/7 roadside assistance from REACT for free. So, following an accident you can contact them at 888-WE-REACT (888-937-3228) for help at the scene of the accident.

3. If your vehicle cannot be driven, arrange a tow truck as soon as possible to remove the vehicle from the scene of the accident and to a safe location. If you are unable to move the vehicle to a secure location, you must take all proper precautions to prevent further loss or damage.

4.  Even if the vehicle can start and manoeuvre, you should still obtain a professional opinion before trying to drive the vehicle. Why? Because under this policy, if your vehicle is driven before the necessary repairs are effected, then any extension of the damage or any additional damage to your vehicle will not be covered.1

5.  You must report all road collisions to the nearest Police Station as soon as possible. You should record the police station where you report the accident, the  name of the officer who takes your statement and their badge number and ensure you receive a receipt.

6.  You can report online, by telephone, email or by visiting our office. You must provide full particulars of the accident, on our prescribed Claim Form, to an IronRock representative as soon as possible, and not later than thirty (30) days after its occurrence. All accidents must be reported even if you do not intend to make a claim.

7.  Then have the damage to your vehicle appraised by a mechanical garage and supply us with an estimate of the repairs by email or by visiting our office.

8.  On receipt of your estimate we will then send one of our approved motor assessors to view your vehicle and confirm the damage sustained.

9.  Upon receipt of our assessor’s report, we will proceed with your claim settlement.

1 For example, if you are unaware of an oil leak and drive the vehicle, this could cause the engine to seize. You would in this case be responsible for the cost of replacing the engine.

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